Retail Mobile Services

Many ChipsAway Licensees provide services at peoples homes and offices, repairing scratches and scuffs on late model and highline autos or their classic collector’s items.

In either case, they receive high quality, reasonably priced repairs within hours instead of days, and with guaranteed color match.

Wholesale Mobile Service

Each mobile unit establishes a route consisting of five to eight automotive related customers, like new and used car dealers, lease companies, detail shops and body shops, that will grow to depend on the weekly visit from their ChipsAway Licensee. Some mobile units carry pagers or car phones to insure contact, should their customer need a rush job performed.

Market Potential

Our research indicates that each market of one million people has an average of 450 new and used car dealers and 1500 secondary type customers like auto body shops, car washes, reconditioning shops, auto customizing shops, and automotive repair shops.

Store Front Location Services

ChipsAway projects an image of quality that gives your customers the confidence that they are getting the best service available.

Insurance studies indicate that the average vehicle with more than 15,000 miles has between $250 and $500 of cosmetic paint damage. Damage like small scratches, bumper scuffs, damaged wheels and wheel covers etc. Commonly, people are disappointed to find that almost all of these types of repairs fall below their deductible, thus creating a public relations problem for insurance companies.

Vandalism is a growing concern and a growing expense of all insurance companies. Repairing key scratches normally means painting entire panels and sometimes entire sides of automobiles.

As an Authorized ChipsAway Repair Facility you can make repairs to key scratches, bumper scuffs, damaged wheels and wheel covers for a fraction of the normal cost.

This service can be provided at a fixed location such as a body shop, garage, detail center or car wash or a stand alone ChipsAway Center.

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