1st Rule in Business
Find a need, then offer a service that fulfills that need.
Or in our case, find a chip and fill it!

Walk through any parking lot and you will find today’s aerodynamic automobiles are literally being bombarded by hundreds, maybe even thousands of objects that chip and scratch the paint. Damage that ranges from stone chips and small scratches, to scuffs in rubberized bumpers and ground effects.

All of these vehicles will be repaired by either their current owner or the auto dealer that receives the vehicle in trade.

With leasing growing in popularity, the cycle of ownership is shorter than ever, and the lessee is contractually obligated to either pay for paint repairs prior to lease return or be penalized by the lease company.

Make a Fortune
One Chip at a Time!

Below is the estimated gross income a Licensee can generate annually after you or your employee complete our extensive training course...

When you expose your local automotive market to superior quality of the ChipsAway process, you will be surprised how it literally sells itself.

Stone Chip Repair Only

Stone Chip Repair
& One Scratch

Average Price



Time Required

1 Hour

1.25 Hour

Repairs per Day

Average Annual Income
















We recommend offering a free demonstration in a small area, with the option of completing the entire vehicle for our normal wholesale price.

Double the above by retailing this exciting new service. Just think of all the many places that people who care about their automobiles frequent, (car washes, detail shops, oil change shops, accessory and customizing shops etc.) and arrange to have one of our desk top ChipsAway signs on display. Advertise in the news paper, on cable TV or just send flyers to car clubs, attend car shows, etc.

The customer has to see it to believe it!

But, when they do, they buy!

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