Your system will include International Paint Formulas, and over one hundred ChipsAway tints and special additives to mix paints for all current and late models automobiles sold throughout the world. Upon conclusion of training, we want you to be fully prepared to start your business as soon as you return home.

PC52 Spot Repair System

Expands your capabilities to include repairing key scratches, bumper scuffs, wheel covers & wheels.

Specialized training and equipment that enables you to make undetectable spot repairs in one hour or less, without having to paint or clear entire panels.

Paint Chip Repair System

The system includes everything required to start your paint restoration business repairing stone chips.

All required equipment, start up inventory of 104 Tints and ChipsAway chemicals, Training and a License to operate your ChipsAway business .

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Paint on Pinstripe Kit

PINSTRIP.gif (51837 bytes)

People with expensive vehicles don’t want decal pin stripes that will wear off going through car washes. By adding the optional paint on pin stripes to your ChipsAway business, you can earn additional income. Add a paint on pinstripe and increase sales by $38.00 wholesale & $159.00 Retail!

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